Memorable Moments in an Alien World

{September 30, 2011}   If You Can Take the Hit…

Today I signed a year-lease to rent a room in Westwood. I feel like I’m walking into a good situation and am excited (this is SO lame) to change my status on facebook from: “Murrieta” to “Los Angeles.” It is outright bizarre how online activity has a tendency to define some people (like myself) to a certain extent.

Anyhow after doing some work in Santa Monica, I decided it would be a capital idea to drive around Westwood and become a bit more familiar with my new area of residence. I started from the condo and worked my way out, in a square-like fashion. Frankly, I still feel a little lost and am looking forward to buying a map. That’s right. Not, not mapquest, an actual physical map. I need some way to center myself in my new surroundings.

At this point I was still driving around a pretty residential area. At one stop sign, I let what felt like a family and a half cross – and I should! Drivers yield to pedestrians. A couple blocks later, there was a young guy, about my age that looked like he was about to cross. I waited for him at the stop sign and waved him on to let him know I saw him. He stopped at the edge of the sidewalk and waved ME on. After a couple awkward seconds, I drove forward – and he began to cross the street – in front of my car! More out of instinct than necessity, I swerved and thought, “Jerk! What is he trying to do?!?” I noticed when he stepped onto the street, he had this small smile, like he took pleasure in freaking out an alien like me.

As I drove down the street, I told myself to always and forevermore INSIST that the pedestrian go first. I am in a substantial amount of debt (that I am hoping to pay down rather quickly) and I realized if that guy was willing to take the initial hit, he could have placed me in more debt than I’ve ever imagined!

Please step away from this blog with 3 lessons:

  1. Trust no Los Angelean pedestrian
  2. Without exception, yield to pedestrians
  3. If you’re willing to take the initial hit, you could pay off your college debt in one brief moment of time.

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