Memorable Moments in an Alien World

{October 13, 2011}   The Sister of the Elevator: the Supermarket Line

I have a confession to make. Today I went shopping for the first time. Not that I hadn’t bought food before – it just was never so vital that I buy food before! I went to Trader Joe’s and it was PACKED. Full of shoppers who wanted to get in and get out.

I’ve never noticed it before (probably because I’ve never had the necessity of shopping), but there are a lot of people who seem to like to shop in pairs. Regardless, everyone seemed in a bit of a hurry. I took my time because I knew it was after 6p and there was NO WAY I was going to be paying less than $6 for the luxury of parking my car. I figured I might as well slow down and take my time so I got everything I needed.

And I did.

While I was waiting in a massive line, I noticed a trend – people weren’t really into chatting (unless they were a part of the aforementioned pair). I felt as though we were all on an elevator and while everyone was content to ignore one another, it was my first time on an elevator and I had to express my exuberance!

After a few failed conversations, I turned to texting. Yet in front of me stood a father and daughter and she was as happy as I was to be riding this “elevator.” She immediately started asking me questions and telling me about her adventurous day. I likewise was happy to hear about her day and enjoyed her excitement about the mundane (kind of reminded me of me!). So out of oodles of adults just waiting to pay for their items, the only ones who thought it fitting to speak during such a solemn event was a newbie and an innocent.

It was sweet.

PS – She was sweet, but not THAT innocent. When her father was paying, she asked, “Daddy, can I get a sticker?” to which he responded, “No, not today.” She glanced shrewdly around and just started screaming at the top of her lungs, “No! No! No!” Dad quickly broke down and once again had a sweet, innocent little girl, now holding a sticker…VERY cunning.

My plan next time I go shopping (just replace lift with line):

I dare you to go and do the same. =)

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