Memorable Moments in an Alien World

{June 21, 2012}   The Supremacy of Beach Communities.

Last weekend I had one of my very dearest friends come out to visit me. Not entirely sure where to take her, but knowing that she wanted to be close to the beach, I decided to take her down the famously fabulous Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice. She’s an artist, so I thought she appreciate the wall murals and artistic touches that were everywhere. She did. As we walked up the street we happened upon a little plant shop. It displayed the most captivatingly peculiar succulents I had ever seen. But then again, it does not take much to impress me. I’m no horticulture specialist. My friend (Elizabeth) was also quite impressed with the creative display of these unusual plants. Now, I’ve been to plant supply stores before (Home Depot, Orchard Supply, Armstrong Garden Center, etc), but in all of my plant store-trekking, I have never come across what I encountered here. The people working at the store were relaxed. Very, very relaxed. In fact, they were all partaking in a couple bottles of wine. Actually they offered us some wine. Soon we were all relaxed. As I talked with them I tried to think where I have experienced this kind of “Whatever…come on in…let’s hang out” openness at a store with people I’ve never met before and that’s when I realized: it only seems to happen at beach communities. Awhile back I posited a theory to a friend of mine that there is something in beach air – perhaps the salt – that just seems to calm people down. Or perhaps it’s the reason the employees themselves offered in the midst of our conversation, “Yeah, we’re usually high or drunk when we’re here.”

As opposed to the picture of sobriety they are in every other setting?

But hey, I got to enjoy some good wine with delightful people and they made a decent sale. Elizabeth bought a few interesting looking succulents. So I would suggest if you are ever in the market for succulents always, always, always buy them at The Juicy Leaf on Abbot Kinney. You’ll leave with some spectacular plants, meet some intriguing people and by the time you leave, you’ll feel a bit more laid back.

Free wine never hurts, either.

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