Memorable Moments in an Alien World

{November 4, 2012}   Captive Audience

Yesterday I met a friend of mine for coffee at this amazing little cafe in south Santa Monica called Dogtown Cafe. I had arrived a bit early and did something I felt most conspicuous about: I took out my Bible and began to read. I felt conspicuous because although I see people reading their Bibles in public all the time in the town I’m from, it seems to be a bit of a rarity in Los Angeles. And, if I’m being truthful, it seems like it could put a target on my back and there is a small, cowardly part of me that just doesn’t know if I could take the heat.

Nevertheless, I spent a good 20 minutes looking up verses that that I had been studying recently before my friend came and we started to catch up. It had been quite a while since we had seen each other. She shared with me that she felt like she was just trying to be a good person and didn’t see any real difference she was making in her Christian life lived out. She and I talked about these things over fabulous chai and while we talked, I felt…ears. The cafe was packed and I sensed people listening. So I pressed on and shared the truth of God’s word, now discerning that I had multiple audiences. My friend needed to know that God was big enough for her doubts and questions. Perhaps there were others around me that just needed to hear someone talking about a God that loved and forgave and justified despite our sin.

Point being, as a Christian, take time to share your faith by talking about it with others. Publicly declaring the truth of Jesus – even if just casually over a cup of coffee – may do more to impact eternity than you or I could ever fathom.

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