Memorable Moments in an Alien World

{December 8, 2012}   Sidetracked

Living in the second largest city in America, I find it within wisdom’s bounds to get lost every once in a while. Not Watts or Compton lost, mind you, just affording myself the freedom to explore the knotted, congested roads of LA, unbound by obligations, with no real destination in mind.

And it pays to get lost, for once I was on my way back home from Glendale and I thought to myself, “I know if I go left I’ll end up on Santa Monica Blvd. I wonder where I’ll end up if I go right.” Being of an adventurous nature and having a free afternoon, I willingly took the right turn onto North Vermont Ave. I drove for about 15 minutes and found that if you take N. Vermont Ave all the way, you end up here:


Truly I’ve meant to go to the Griffith Observatory, but somehow it always ended up being pushed to the sidelines, which is madness because the view was fabulous and the people=watching unparalleled.IMG_3266IMG_3265




It was a beautiful time to get lost and grow in thankfulness that God has brought me to this city. Wherever I am in the world, I am thankful for the blessing of random afternoons like this one.

Why don’t you go get lost in your city? Who knows what adventures await you?

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