Memorable Moments in an Alien World

{January 19, 2013}   Punching the Impossible.

Occasionally, something unbelievable happens. Like the pilot who landed his plane on the Hudson River. Or the mountain lion that wandered into downtown Santa Monica from the Santa Monica Mountains.

This is one such account.

Many people have been inquiring as to how I injured my right hand. It’s been in a half cast for over two weeks now and never before I have realized how much I truly utilize my dominate hand.


It happened like this:
I brought a friend of mine up to LA for a couple days, so she could check out my new city, you know, really get the LA experience. As we were driving up I asked her what she wanted to do. She said all she wanted to do was go to the Getty Villa and go ice skating.


So we went to downtown Santa Monica to check out the ice skating scene.


We were moving along pretty well for a couple of SoCal girls when all of a sudden I heard a great roar and a cry to my immediate right.

There it was, right in front of me – a bear running with all his might towards a small child, who had fallen on the ice. Everyone drew back, inhaling a collective, terrified breath, frozen by the horrifying scene.

Not me.

I took a deep breath and before I could think better of it, skated as fast as I could, charging towards the bear on my skates. As I drew closer, I gulped, pulled my arm back and delivered the strongest right hook I could muster. I only had one shot.

As I connected with the bear’s jaw, I felt him recoil from the blow, as well as feeling a crushing of my own hand. Word to the wise – there is a reason people don’t punch bears. It is not simply a lack of opportunity!

He stumbled back and so did I – my hand was BURNING! But quickly I collected my wits about me, skated over to the child, picked him up and made my way back to the crowd, child in tow. I heard a great bellow from behind me. Scared to turn around, certain there was a monstrous wild animal breathing down my neck, ready to destroy me for my rash actions, I turned my head – just in time to see the great bear running up 5th street.

The crowd cheered.
The child was returned safe to his family.
The mayor gave me a key to the city.

key to the city

The countless people who have heard this account have given me great trial, mocking the validity of my experience. So to appease the nay-sayers, I have concocted another explanation:
* I was pretty impressed with my skills skating (you know, for Southern California girl)
* I gained mastery over the basics
* I felt I was ready to up the ante
* I began teaching myself moves I’ve only seen on TV.
* Apparently, that’s not a smart idea.

But truly, who’s to say what REALLY happened that night?

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