Memorable Moments in an Alien World

{June 14, 2013}   Networking.

I am a planner.

That being the case, while I was completing my mild/moderate special education credential, I was concurrently hitting the pavement, trying to find an “in” at any school district I could. I dropped by district offices to give my resume (which, by the way, they really frown upon – it’s all about online contact nowadays!), went to job fairs and daily filled out and submitted online applications.

For my proactiveness, I was rewarded with an abundance of rejection. It was a magical time.rejection 1

I have a few friends that have really benefitted from networking and around this time, one of them approached me and said, “Amanda, you need to network! Who do you know that is in a position of power and could help you land a job?”

My honest response was: “I don’t know anyone, but I know Jesus and He knows everyone so I’ll be all right.”

And I truly believed it.

That was in late December 2010. By mid-February I was still just as confident that the Lord would provide a job for me. April passed. July flew by.

Next thing I knew it was late August 2011, I had submitted 80 applications and had zero takers.

One afternoon, I saw a position flown for a program that I had a high level of familiarity with: Transition. It was for adults 18-22. Perfect. It was in Santa Monica. Even better. So I did what I had grown accustomed to doing: I pitched myself the best way I knew how in a cover letter, filled out the application, hit send and put my nose back to the grindstone.

At the time I worked as an Adaptive PE assistant in Murrieta and the school year had started back up. I was at an elementary school working with some kids and after our session, I lugged my equipment out to my car and checked my phone. I had a voicemail from an unfamiliar number.

“This is it!” I thought, “Finally a school district is calling me!” I didn’t have time to wonder which school district was calling. I had sent out 80 applications – did it really matter?!? I listened to the voicemail, called back and had a conversation with a gentleman who immediately began firing questions at me: “How would you structure your class if _______?” “What would you do if ______?” “How would you handle _______?” About 15 minutes into the Q&A firestorm, he commented, “This isn’t an interview, but it sort of is.”

It is the perpetually sarcastic-side of me that allowed, “Yeah, I got that,” to slip out. Oops. Maybe they’re looking to hire a smart-ass…At the end of it all, he said, “Well, we definitely want to see you for an interview.”

We set up the time, I interviewed and the next day flew to New Hampshire to visit family. It was while I was there that I received this phone call: “We really liked you and would like to offer the position, but you don’t have the right credential to teach this class…”


It would have been perfect.

I immediately called my father, because as much as I know he is always praying for me and rooting for my success, I knew he would be completely relieved that I would not be moving to work in Los Angeles. I was in the middle of telling him how perfect this job would have been when I got a beep in. I looked at my phone and saw the area code read “310.” Santa Monica! I told my dad, “Sorry, I have to go, Santa Monica is calling me!” I clicked over and heard this news:

“So I just got off the phone with HR and they told me that if you agree to go back to school to obtain the second credential, we can offer you the position.”


I waited about 2 nano-seconds to let that mellow, before I exclaimed that I would take it. The date was August 19th. I began my first day at a new job in a new city (flying back early from my time in New Hampshire) on the 25th.

It’s almost two years after the fact, and I am still not over the concept that God will do exactly what He wants. So whether you are well-connected and have deep pockets (or access to those who do) or you are young, broke and have no connections that can help you in any tangible way, it matters not one iota. Jesus truly is the Master Designer over my life and He chose to use my multitude of applications and lack of connections to show me that, while connections doubtlessly are important, they are by no means imperative and in the end, though I wavered a LOT in doubt, I do know Jesus and He does know everyone and at the end of the day, that is the only connection that truly matters.

sovereingty of god1

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