Memorable Moments in an Alien World

Hello all! So here’s a bit about me (just so you know something other than the fact that I have moved to LA)! My name is Amanda Sass and I love to think, read, write, talk, learn about others and take an excessive amount of photos wherever I go. I dream big, try to travel often and enjoy the random situations I often find myself in. When catching up with people, ideally I should have espresso in some form. Otherwise it is not truly catching up, but only talking.

I am passionate about many things, wildly varying in nature, which makes managing my free time a fun – albeit challenging – task. My passions include: excellent espresso, languages, photography, literature, philosophy, world politics, social justice causes, pursuing knowledge, talking about the deeper things of life and gaining an ever-increasing understanding of people. I think so much and so often that I almost wish I had an off-button, so I could get eight hours of sleep once in a while.

Above all of these things, I am most passionate about my relationship with Jesus. He has always been the catalyst of movement in my life and as I pursue  a deeper relationship with Him, my various passions find a focus and concentrated purpose. I enjoy life with my God and have seen His faithfulness in the past, which reassures me of His activity in my life in the nebulous, undisclosed future.

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