Memorable Moments in an Alien World

I can’t stay seated when an elderly person gets on the bus.

I can’t lower myself to take part in screaming matches with people in order to win a power struggle. Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday kind of felt like it sucked. It was a long, exhausting day and I was vacillating in my life’s current choices. I was alone in LA, tired, cranky, sore, antsy and hungry (just to name a few). I went to McDonalds to ease my troubled mind and while I was eating I saw a guy who looked near my age and a young boy who I assumed was his son bow their heads and pray over their meal. It kind of made my heart soar. I’m all alone in this new city and to see them pray made me feel connected. So I determined to go up to them and say something. Read the rest of this entry »

{September 28, 2011}   What’s Better Than Money?

I’ve spent a lot of time in cafes this week for their internet, as the place where I am currently staying doesn’t have any. It affords me the opportunity to get to know the feel of the area I’m in. Much of my time today was spent pretending I didn’t hear a very boisterous young man’s conversation. I’m quite certain he was pleased that EVERYONE heard it. I’m just lucky, I suppose. Read the rest of this entry »

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