Memorable Moments in an Alien World

{December 20, 2012}   Power Colours

Approximately one year ago, I was getting ready for my first IEP meeting (for those outside of the special education realm – which I do hope is most of my readers – all 3 of you! – an IEP is an individualized education plan. Every one of my students has one, that has highly specified academic and life skills goals that legally must be worked on and documented and PROVEN as either having been met or not met in the yearly aforementioned IEP meeting. It’s a legal meeting to discuss a legal document). As a new teacher, I was pretty psyched out for this meeting. There was going to be a lawyer and an advocate and all of these outside service providers. And I’m leading it all.

Short version? I was freakin’ terrified. You know, in a totally in-control, calm way (of course). Read the rest of this entry »

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